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LAB Golf

LAB Golf Press Pistol

LAB Golf Press Pistol

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Elevate Your Putting with LAB Golf Press Pistol Grips: Feel, Consistency, and Forward Press Solved

Ditch the conscious effort and unlock natural putting with LAB Golf's innovative Press Pistol grips. Designed to eliminate the need for "forward press," these grips incorporate a built-in 2-degree tilt that promotes a consistent and comfortable hand position throughout your stroke.

Say goodbye to inconsistencies and hello to pure putting bliss. The Press Pistol's unique pistol shape offers exceptional feel and feedback, while the multiple size options ensure a perfect fit for any golfer.

Here's what makes LAB Golf Press Pistol grips stand out:

  • Effortless Forward Press: The built-in 2-degree tilt encourages a natural forward press, eliminating the need for conscious manipulation and promoting a smoother, more consistent putting stroke.
  • Enhanced Feel and Feedback: The comfortable pistol shape and premium materials provide exceptional feel and feedback, allowing you to sense the putter head throughout your stroke for improved control and accuracy.
  • Personalized Fit: Available in multiple sizes, the Press Pistol grips cater to golfers with various hand sizes, ensuring a secure and comfortable hold that maximizes putting performance.
  • Works with Any Putter: While specifically designed to complement LAB Golf putters, the Press Pistol grips can be effectively used with any putter on the market.

Upgrade your putting game with LAB Golf Press Pistol grips and experience the difference of effortless forward press, exceptional feel, and unmatched consistency.

Order yours today and start holing more putts!

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