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LAB Golf DF 2.1 Custom Putter Broomstick

LAB Golf DF 2.1 Custom Putter Broomstick

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Conquer the Green with LAB Golf's DF 2.1 Broomstick Putter

Struggling with inconsistent putting? Ditch the wobbles and elevate your game with the LAB Golf DF 2.1 Broomstick putter. This innovative club boasts Lie Angle Balance (LAB) technology, virtually eliminating torque for a smoother, more repeatable stroke.

Customize it to your swing: Choose from a wide range of lengths (40-50 inches), grips, and alignment markings to perfectly match your putting style. The oversized mallet design inspires confidence, while the CNC-milled aluminum head ensures superior feel and forgiveness.

Ready to sink more putts? The LAB Golf DF 2.1 Broomstick putter is crafted for golfers seeking precision and consistency. Visit LAB Golf online or their authorized retailers to experience the difference!

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