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LAB Golf

LAB Golf DF 2.1 Custom Putter Armlock

LAB Golf DF 2.1 Custom Putter Armlock

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Elevate your putting game with the DF 2.1 Armlock Putter, designed to improve accuracy and consistency. This innovative armlock putter features a unique anchoring system that stabilizes the club throughout the swing, promoting a smoother stroke and reducing putter face rotation at impact. Experience the difference a DF 2.1 Armlock Putter for yourself and putt with confidence on every green. Upgrade your putting with our custom DF 2.1 Putter Armlock. This innovative design stabilizes your stroke for more accuracy and consistency, helping you sink more putts and lower your scores. Crafted from high-quality materials for exceptional feel, the DF 2.1 Armlock putter is perfect for all golfers.

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