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KBS TD Wood Shaft

KBS TD Wood Shaft

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Unleash Maximum Performance with the KBS TD Wood Shafts

Lighter. Stiffer. Proven.

The KBS TD Wood Shafts are designed to maximize your driver and fairway wood performance. This innovative shaft combines a lighter weight with increased stiffness, resulting in:

  • Mid launch and low spin: Experience a tighter ball flight for consistent distance and accuracy.
  • Optimized spin rate and launch: Achieve maximum efficiency at various swing speeds.
  • KBS feel: Enjoy the signature KBS feel you know and love, promoting confident swings and solid contact.

Key Features:

  • Mid launch/low spin performance
  • Tighter ball flight for improved dispersion and control
  • Optimized spin and launch for increased distance
  • KBS Butt-to-Tip Energy Transfer for efficient power transfer
  • Higher torque stiffness for enhanced stability

The KBS TD Wood Shafts are the perfect complement to your golf bag, offering the perfect blend of power, control, and feel to take your game to the next level.


Unless noted as In Stock, all orders come from our US distribution centre. Normally 2-3 weeks from the order date.

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