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Edel SMS Combo Sets (Steel Shaft)

Edel SMS Combo Sets (Steel Shaft)

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The new SMS (Swing Match System) Pro Irons are unlike any players irons on the market. These irons feature Swing Match Weighting. What is Swing Match Weighting? Simply put, it is the biggest leap in iron technology and customization that we've ever seen. By moving the heaviest of the three weights to the ideal position for your swing, it enables total clubface control. That can mean eliminating your miss right or left, improving face impact position, more distance, more accuracy, and optimized performance all around.

  • Precision Grain Forging for Incredible Sound and Feel: Our multi-step Precision Grain Forging process produces one of the purest player irons you've ever felt. The integrity of the 1025 carbon steel's natural grain optimized through this process brings more consistency, feel, and durability to these beautiful irons.

  • Tour Inspired Tri-Stepped Sole Design for Enhanced Turf Interaction: Each surface on the Tri-Step Sole design is precisely engineered for better turf interaction and more consistency from strike to strike. The shape of the Stepped Sole design allows for versatility in a host of lies and conditions. The sole consists of three separate surfaces:

  1. Leading Edge Bounce - The leading edge bounce is the first point of contact with the turf which resists the club from digging, continuing the momentum through the shot.
  2. Effective Middle Tier Bounce - The bottom of the sole acts as the effective bounce of the golf club. This is the portion of the sole that has the greatest interaction with the turf post impact.
  3. Trail Relief Bounce - The relief reduces the effective sole width of the club, creating shorter and more efficient divot patterns. This portion of the club makes the iron feel like a blade, but performs like an advanced cavity back iron.

Orders will be shipped within 3-4 weeks.

If you want a different shaft, grip or combo set send an email and we will give you a quote.

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