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Aldilla Rogue White 130 MSI Wood Shaft

Aldilla Rogue White 130 MSI Wood Shaft

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Unleash Power & Control: Unveiling the  Aldilla Rogue 130 MSI White Shafts

Golfers seeking explosive distance and pinpoint accuracy, rejoice! The Aldilla 130 MSI shafts are here to elevate your game. Featuring high-modulus 130 MSI carbon fiber, these marvels deliver superior stability and lower torque for faster swing speeds and tighter shot dispersion. Choose from three profiles: Rogue Silver (low launch, low spin) for bombers, Rogue Black (mid-high launch, mid spin) for all-rounders, and Aldilla Rogue 130 MSI White (mid launch, low spin) for the perfect blend of distance and control. Experience the difference and swing into the future with  Aldilla Rogue 130 MSI White shafts!

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